Friday, April 2, 2010

SLJ's Battle of the Books

The Frog Scientist was announced this morning as the winner of the Undead Poll in the Undead Poll for School Library Journal's Battle of the Books and I couldn't be more delighted. It came as a complete surprise, but Jonathan Hunt, commentator for BOB, points readers to a positive review of the book from a fellow scientist that also pointed them to the vote.

Comments on that page wondered if the other books in the series (Scientists in the Field) were as good, and indeed they are. Almost all of them have been named to award lists. It's a great series and this is a truly terrific book. It shows a scientist with a passion for his work, a great demonstration of the scientific method and some really cool science. It was also one of the more relevant environmental books last year.
That means the final battle on Monday morning, to be judged by literary great Katherine Patterson, will be between Pamela S. Turner's The Frog Scientist, Elizabeth Partridge's Marching for Freedom, and Frances Hardinge's The Lost Conspiracy.

Read about all the battles and the posts from the Peanut Gallery at the SLJ site here.

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